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The Sisters of Mercy is an English rock band that emerged in the early 1980s, led by the enigmatic frontman Andrew Eldritch. The band is known for their dark, brooding and atmospheric sound, blending elements of post-punk, gothic rock, and new wave. Their music is characterized by Eldritch’s deep, haunting vocals, prominent use of drum machines and synthesizers, and lyrics that often explore themes of love, death, and despair.

The Sisters of Mercy released their debut album “First and Last and Always” in 1985, a seminal work of gothic rock. The album featured popular tracks like “Black Planet,” “Marian,” and “Alice.” The band released several more albums, including “Floodland” and “Vision Thing,” which showcased a more polished and experimental sound.

The Sisters of Mercy has influenced many bands and artists in the gothic rock and darkwave genres. Their music continues to resonate with fans worldwide, and their iconic image of black leather, shades, and spiked hair remains an enduring symbol of gothic culture.